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Here, we weave together the stories, values, and vibrant spirit that define not only our products, but the very essence of who we are. 

At the heart of The Thread lies a profound curiosity about the why behind what we do. Join us on this journey where we unravel the stories behind our products. But our blog isn't just about products; it's a celebration of our people. Through employee spotlights, we honor the employees who infuse their passion into our products to bring our customers the best. Here, you'll discover the faces behind the product, their creativity, and the legacy they weave into each creation.

 Being a clothing brand in Vermont, its culture, mentality and way of life has an impact on us as a brand and is a special place to all of us. We want to share what we love about Vermont and how it impacts us as individuals and through our work at 4T2D.  Each month we’ll explore the essence of this picturesque state with a favorite place, activity or celebration to help you fall in love with Vermont like we all have. 

Thank you for joining us at The Thread, we hope you enjoy the journey!

~4T2D Team

Behind the Scenes: people

Jordan Leach

To kick off our inaugural issue of The Thread, we wanted to focus on an individual that has been on the team since day 1 of Fourbital Factory and 4T2D in March of 2021.  Jordan Leach, Chief Operating Officer, is our featured employee for this month.

As COO, Jordan gets to combine her creative passion with the business operations. Here at 4T2D we do things that are a bit outside the norm for a clothing manufacturer.  Every process of creating products and putting to market is all done at our location on Pine Street. “It has been incredible to work with the amazing team that we have built to design, develop, manufacture, and sell products all under one roof.”

As a Stowe, Vermont-native, Jordan brings the many traits of Vermonters to 4T2D everyday – her incredible work ethic and environmentally-conscious mentality. When asked what she likes most about working at 4T2D, she stated “…we never stop trying to do better. Whether it is in continuously improving the design of our products or searching for the best materials for both people and planet, we are constantly trying to get you the best product that is both functional yet fun.”  We can’t agree any more, Jordan!

When Jordan is not busy improving the workplace or testing out new products, she loves to be outdoors skiing and golfing, rocking her 4T2D Star Skully Faux Fur Pom beanie around town, spending time with Freya, her grey tabby cat, or working on DIY home projects. But her favorite Vermont thing to do is enjoying a Lakeside sauna session at SAVU sauna – which she highly recommends for total relaxation.

Behind the design: PRODUCTS

The Illuminate Collection

Our latest January products were inspired by our Illuminate Affirmation. The Illuminate collection focuses on the path of
self-discovery while providing clarity, understanding, and a deeper connection with your true self. January is the first month of the new year, and with a new year comes resolutions, personal goals, and a reset of how we live our lives. This rejuvenation was at the forefront of our minds when we designed these new products.

The Men’s Celestial Tee and Ombre Tee, the Women’s Tarot STCH Tee and Long Sleeve Sun STCH Tee, and new colors of the Star Skully with Faux Fur Pom Beanie – reflect spirituality, light, and guidance. All of the tees are made of a cotton modal blend, which provides breathability, softness, and durability. Our goal is to provide our customers with a product that keeps up with them and lasts through many wears and washes. 

What we love most about these latest tees are the designs. Our celestial print will transport you to outer-space, while the Sun STCH Tee graphic will brighten up any outfit you wear it with. These tees represent insight, independence and individuality. Like the stars in the solar system, each one of our tees is one-of-a-kind, and when you wear one, you light up the room.

Behind vermont lines:

Stowe Mountain Resort

Each month we will ask our featured employee what their favorite place in Vermont and why. This month, Jordan has selected Stowe Mountain Resort as her favorite.  As a Stowe native, “I am bias to Stowe Mountain Resort having grown up skiing there. They have the best terrain as well as rich history.”

Stowe Mountain Resort on Mount Mansfield is a great place to spend the Winter! With it being ski season, Stowe is a great place to ski or snowboard with over 100 trails, plenty of lifts (brand new Quad lift this year!) and can offer you great groomed trails as well as untouched snow in the woods.

Here’s an insider Vermont tip, there is only one road in and out of the resort, with traffic heavily congested on the weekends and holidays, if you can carpool up to the resort that is your best bet, and bonus, it is free to park if you carpool with 4 or more! Or if you are an early riser, get to Stowe early, skin up and take in the amazing sunrise when you get to the top, and ski down to get your day started right!